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Topics: United States Army, United States Army Reserve, Mobilization Pages: 205 (78193 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Department of
the Army
Guidance for

1 July 2009 (Periodic Review)
(Last updated 09 August 2013)

History. The consolidated Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG) was originally approved for release on 17 September 2002 (ALARACT 086-2002). The intent of its development was to consolidate Theater and Department of the Army PPGs into one document in support of contingency operations. Due to rapid policy changes, it was determined that the PPG would best serve as a living document, rather than a published regulation. This decision allows for continuous updates based on approved policy guidance/revisions. Newly approved changes to regulation, policy, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) or law may supersede this document.

Summary. This publication has been revised to update personnel guidance related to mobilized, employed, deployed, redeployed, and demobilized personnel in support of the overseas contingency operation (OCO).

Applicability. This publication applies to active Army, the Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, retired Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, Department of Defense civilians, contractors, Red Cross employees, and Army Air Force Exchange Services employees. Contributing Authors. HQDA G-1 is not the sole author of the PPG, the following HQDA staff elements, commands and agencies contribute to its content: G-2, G-3/5/7, G-4, G-8, HRC, OTSG, OTJAG, IMCOM, TRADOC, FORSCOM, USARC, NGB, and First Army. Since the input provides Army wide guidance that affects the personnel community, any changes/updates submitted by HQDA staff elements, commands and agencies must be based on approved changes to regulation, policy, DoDI, or law.

Suggested Improvements. Users are invited to make comments, recommendations, and/or suggested improvements via the HQDA G-1 Operations email box at usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g1.mbx.operations@mail.mil. Distribution. Distribution of this publication is available in electronic media only and is intended for the Active Army, the Army National Guard, the U.S. Army Reserve, Department of the Army Civilians, Department of Defense Civilians, Contractors, Red Cross Employees and Army Air Force Exchange employees.

Maintained by HQDA G-1, Military Mobilization Branch (DAPE-MPZ-MM)

The latest updates are highlighted in RED font in the Chapter Overview and Summary of Changes, and within the updated chapters.

NOTE: The term “Global War on Terror (GWOT)” has been replaced with “Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO)” throughout the PPG.

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Department of the Army Personnel Policy Guidance (1 Jul 09)

Chapter Overview & Summary of Changes
Chapter Updates in Red
Chapter 1 – General Guidance: Discusses current contingency operations, pertinent legal authorities (Title 10), and operational policies. 1-2c (1) and 1-2c(2). Updated hyperlinks. 1-2d(2). Updated “1095 Rule information. 1-3b and 1-3d. Initial Mobilization Orders for Reserve Component Soldiers, and Boots on Ground Policy. Added clarification on when to release RC Soldiers from theater as not to impinge on the time necessary for RC Soldiers to go through the demobilization process, and to use leave. 1-3e. Changed “request” sanctuary, to “notification” of sanctuary. 19 Dec 2011: Updated HRC email address and Sanctuary Checklist. 17 Feb 2012: 13(e) Updated link to current Sanctuary Checklist. 3 Apr 2012: Updated 1-3(d) Boots on Ground (BOG) Policy. 13 Apr 2012: Updated 1-2(b)(5). Updated 29 May 13, 1-3e par 9 – ARNG Sanctuary. Chapter 2 – Notification / Alert: Discusses procedures for the manning of deploying AC and RC units to include cross-leveling; Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP); Non-deployable criteria; special management issues; and non-citizen Soldiers. 2-2. Contiguous Training. Updated information regarding SECDEF Memo dated 14 Mar 2011. 2-3. Updated guidance regarding specific order writing as referenced in USD (P&R) Memo dated 15 Mar...
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