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What Kind of Images Are Used in "Lord of the Flies"?

By shaiza123 Nov 22, 2008 341 Words
MOST of the images in lord of the flies are from nature,
since the island is an uncivilized place.
the dominant visual images are the mountain,, the jungle,
castle rock,the beach and the lagoon.
in ch 7, the open sea is briefly glimpsed, blue and "clipped". These topographical images provide the settings for various actions, and each is appropriate to the kind of activities the boys engage in there. Images of heat and color are also abound.The tropical island is steaming hot, and golding seldom lets us forget this. He stresses on the temperature in scenes of great emotion or drama. Thus, Simon's conversation with the Lord of the flies occurs in heat that "threatened".He is sweating andvery thirsty, a preparation for the coming of Simon's fit.Again, when the boys make the first fire, whichgolding shows as too large to maintain and is dangerous, his method is through the use of heat images.The boys are exhausted by a fierce fire, as though by a fierce but short lived passion to be rescued.

And, ofcourse, the climax of the novel is the hottest of all, for the boys have set the whole island on fire, Ralph is running out of breath, with savages one end and a raging fire on the other. Color images are used with careful consistency.

Red and black are Jacks colors, He has red hair, andnever stops wearing his black cap. in fact, it is still on his head when the officer comes to rescue them. Ralph's color is yellow, the color of the sun, and the color, therefore, of the hope of rescue. Simon's colors are pearl.opal, and after his death, silver. he is angel like and prophetic, and the colors signify his position , his role in the novel.

The color of the island itself is pink, and this color stands out in iconis contrast to the action taking place in the novel.It makes the atrocity of the boys actions stand out even more terribly.

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