What JROTC has Taught Me so Far

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What JROTC Has Taught Me…So Far.
My name is ------ and I’m a freshman at ------ High School. I was asked to write an article about my first few weeks in JROTC and all that I’ve learned during that time. So, what exactly is JROTC? It’s a class that’s dedicated to motivating young people to be better citizens, while also teaching us life skills. And to be honest, I was actually really surprised when I learned that; because I, like many others, believed it was just another tool for military recruitment. And I’m extremely glad to say that my assumption was wrong.

So, what have I learned? Well, for starters, I learned that my brother’s apparently far more popular than I originally thought. And, of course that I’m very uncoordinated; more so than I realized. Oh, and that I absolutely hate public speaking. But, in all seriousness, I really have learned a lot. I’ve always struggled with teamwork, but in JROTC I already feel more comfortable and confident with my peers and superiors. I’m not quite comfortable being a leader, but I feel that in time I’ll learn all that I need to, in order to be an efficient leader.

I didn’t really want to join JROTC to begin with…but now, only a few weeks later, I’m glad that I did. I feel that it’s a class that has and will continue to pull me out of my comfort zone, that will teach me skills no other class will, and that will help me become a better person. Well, that’s what I’ve learned so far, and I hope that they’ll let me stick around in the years to come.
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