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Sociology 101
Daily Tune-up Paper
What it’s Like
In this song, Everlast sings of people our society considers to be of a lower class. The song first talks of a drunken beggard, then of a pregnant teen, and lastly of a drug dealer who loses his life. The song talks about their struggles and societies lack of desire to “walk in their shoes”, or see things from their perspectives, in order to understand their reasoning for doing things.

The first sociological theory I felt this song’s lyrics related to is Mead’s theory of role taking. George Herbert Mead felt that taking the roles of other’s was essential for people to succeed in cooperative groups. The ability to “walk in other’s shoes” allows us to modify our behavior by anticipating how others will react. According to Mead, we must go through three stages in order to learn to take the roles of others. The first stage is “Imitation” and occurs before age three. During this stage, there is no sense of self, and we can only mimic others. It is not actually role-playing but it prepares us for it. The second stage is “play” and occurs from around ages three through six. During this time, we pretend to take the roles of specific people, such as mommy, daddy, firefighter, princess, and doctor. The third stage is “team games” and begins roughly when we begin school. During this stage, we learn to take multiple roles.

The song also relates to the theory of symbolic Interactionism. We use symbols to define our relationships in society. These symbols affect the way we interact with others. The example the book gives is that you treat your brother and husband different based on their titles. If a woman is dating a man for a long time and the night before her wedding, her mother informed her years ago she had given a baby up for adoption, and that baby was her fiancé. That changes the logistics of the relationship, simply because he is now her brother. In relationship to the song, society treats a rich...
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