what is a trebuchet

Topics: Force, Projectile, Catapult Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Trebuchet Questions
1.What is a trebuchet?
It’s an invaluable medieval siege attack weapon that’s similar to a catapult 2.What is it used for?
It was used for smashing city and castle walls by hurling giant stones 3.What makes it different from a catapult?
Catapults use springs and tension to launch projectiles while trebuchets use a counter weight 4.When was it used?
It was used around 500AD during the Middle (or Dark) Ages
5.Why did it fall out of favor?
Trebuchets fell out of favor due to them being expensive to construct, needing a high level of maintenance, having little mobility, and needing more skillful men to even operate it. Why is it no longer used for warfare?

It’s no longer used for warfare due to the projectiles being an overkill and easy for individuals to dodge. 6.Where does the word trebuchet come from?
It is derived from the Old French word ‘Trebucher’ which means to throw over. 7.Who still uses trebuchets, and for what purposes?
Historical re-enactors and living history enthusiasts still use trebuchets for recreational purposes and engineering challenges. 8.What is a projectile?
A projectile is a missile designed to fired from a rocket or gun. 9.What is a trajectory?
A trajectory is the path followed by a projectile or an object under the action of a giving force. 10.How is the motion of a projectile described and analyzed? The motion of a projectile is described and analyzed as an object which gravity is the only force acting on it as it undergoes independent vertical and horizontal motions. 11.How does a trebuchet store energy and transfer it to the projectile? It stores energy to launch a projectile by converting potential gravitational energy into useable kinetic gravitational energy. This is transferred through gravity pulling down a counter weight attached to one end of a lever which then raises the other end, launching the projectile from a sling. 12.What is the ideal lever arm ratio?

13.What is the...
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