What is a stakeholder and what role do they play in our healthcare system?

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Analysis of a Stakeholder
July 27, 2013
Michael Crandell
By: Angela Seip

What is a stakeholder and what role do they play in our healthcare system? A stakeholder is a person or group that has interest or concern in an organization. They can affect actions or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives and policies. In order to qualify as a stakeholder, an entity must have a claim or interests in the firm and the ability to influence it. In the role of healthcare this would include the hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and the drug companies. I think it was said best by McLaughlin and McLaughlin when they said “If everyone is in charge¸ then no one is in charge. In this paper I will discuss the hospital’s position on healthcare reform and why they take these positions. Education remains of importance for community-based nonprofit hospitals struggling to be able to manage the working costs of healthcare reform in a hard-hitting economy. The reform has caused a decrease in federal compensations to hospitals, and at the same time profits have declined, patient’s outstanding debts have started to pile up and the costs are up due to the increased use of the emergency room. Hospitals have had to lay off more than 23,000 employees, to reduce their costs and try to increase success. In the years ahead working together in health care will become a main concern. Professionals are estimating more hospitals coming together, partnerships and developments to happen. Providers will also have to fight to get their portion of the 30 million new patients expected to come in the health care system in the next five years. On Dec. 19, The Chicago Tribune reported that health providers nationwide “are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on buildings, marketing and new partnerships to position themselves” to interest the future new patients created by the reform of healthcare. Healthcare reform means that hospitals will have to do more for less...

References: A Stakeholder Approach to Community Health Management; E. Jose Proenca, Widener University,2003
Cesta T. The Role of Case Management in an Era of Healthcare Reform - Part 1. Hospital Case Management [serial online]. July 2012;20(7):103. Available from: Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File, Ipswich, MA. Accessed July 28, 2013.
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