What Is a Sport?: Defending Dodgeball

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What is a sport?: Defending Dodgeball

Defining something as a "sport" is not always as easy as you might think. This is because there really aren't any official guidelines as to what makes a sport a sport. Personally, I believe that a true sport should consist of team effort toward a goal, physical fitness and activity, and some form of formal scoring system.

Dodgeball is considered a recreational activity by most people's standards, and I know that dodgeball is usually just associated with middle school gym class, but there is so much more to it than that. The way I see it, dodgeball meets all of my criteria for what makes a sport a sport. In fact, I truly believe that it has the potential to become a fully-fledged competitive sport. But, I suppose that in order for you to see things my way you might need to know more about dodgeball's history.

The history of dodgeball is very long and complex. In fact, any game that involves the use of balls, and players avoiding being hit by said balls is, by definition,

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dodgeball. Over time the game has evolved; nowadays dodgeball is a team game that is usually played, as i mentioned previously, in schools.

When the game was first created there weren't really any rules on how the game was supposed to be played, now there are rules that players must obey. Those rules have changed over the years, though the basics have stayed relatively the same. For example, when playing there is a certain number of players allowed on each team that can be playing at once. And when a player is eliminated from the game, he is only able rejoin the game if it doesn't exceed the number of players allowed on the court at one time. Also, when players reenter the game, they must do so in the same order that they were eliminated in.

During a game, the overall objective is to eliminate every member of the opposing team. Opponents will throw the ball at the opposing team in order to hit them and...
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