What is a nucleus family

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What is a nucleus family?

A nuclear family is a group of parents and children living together as one.

What is an extended family?

An extended family Is a larger family consisting of grandparents, parents as well as the children. These are one of the two types of family structures in the world.

I believe that a nucleus family is better of than an extended family, there is more stability in the family. More nucleus families have the opportunity to give their children a more luxurious life because the family would have less burden which would be there in an extended family. Financially the parents would not have to support the grandparents as much which has its own pros and cons. If a nucleus family cannot afford to handle an extended family they are more likely to drift apart from them, and for good reason. The nuclear family can provide children with consistency, in addition to stability. Children who have both stability and consistency in their lives are more likely to behave positively, do better in school and become more involved in community and extracurricular activities. The most important thing that the children and parents would get is, freedom, independence, a place where their opinions are not looked down upon, a family where they can be heard which is a huge part in a childs life. In a nuclear family parents can give their attention to their children.

In an extended family however the youth of the family may adapt to the bad habits of their elders as there would be a larger influence on the children. The children here would have no privacy and there would be over crowding as well. Children may feel left out which results in most running away from home. The voice of the younger generation would not be heard and they would be forced to live life like their elders, grandparents. Old people of this country of this society fail to understand that we are not living in the 19th century anymore. We are the younger, better generation and...
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