What Is a Manager

Topics: Management, Change, ManaGeR Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 13, 2013
The job of a manager had been to give orders. As the market is changing every day, giving orders is no longer the only obligation managers have. Instead, more humanized managerial skills are required. Mangers nowadays are required to play five roles, which are communicators, advocates, coaches, liaisons, and developers. Managers should communicate with employees about changes. Employees today tends to be interested in getting involved and acknowledging. As direct supervisors to them, managers are a key conduit of information about the organization. Managers should be firm advocates for the changes. Employees look to their managers not only for messages about a change, but also to evaluate their contribution for the change effort. Managers need to demonstrate their support and first be on-board before they can support their workers. Coaching employees through the change process is a crucial task for managers. Managers are responsible for coaching individual workers through the change process and helping them address the barrier points that are inhibiting successful change. As liaisons, managers must engage with and provide support to the connection between their team and other teams. Managers are in the best position to coordinate activities with others in the organization to ensure a smooth operating enterprise. Development of staff can count as another responsibility of managers. No one knows an employee better than their direct supervisor. Managers are in the best position for helping staff members continue to progress in their careers. As a conclusion, managers will be more suitable for their positions if they are able to be a communicator, advocate, coach, liaison, and developer.
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