What Is a Leader?

Topics: Positive psychology, Failure, Virtue Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 3, 2012
What is a leader? A leader is a person whom takes on the responsibility of controlling or guiding a group of other people. Being a leader requires several important qualities. For example, wisdom and decisiveness can help a leader make intelligent decisions and know how to handle different situations. In addition, a leader needs to be confident and determined; otherwise, a job would never be completely correct. Also, a leader must possess incredible amounts of patience and honesty to better communicate with group members. Specific problems could arise and cause a leader to make speedy judgments. Wisdom would allow a person to decide in an unbiased and clever way. To be able to decide what to do, a leader should be decisive in order to create the conclusion on time. Furthermore, a leader needs to have extreme confidence to be assured that he/she made the correct assessment. These qualities can also be aided by determination. Another cluster of a leader’s characteristics exist. This collection includes the following: determination, enthusiasm, and courage. A great leader must be able to finish what he/she started and see task to the end. An enthusiastic person’s attitude would increase the optimism of the group. Courage is one of the most important qualities of a successful leader. A leader should not be frightened to fail. He or she needs to believe every word that comes out of his/her mouth. Moreover, a good leader does not need to be afraid of admitting that they made a mistake. Finally, an accomplished leader must express large quantities of honest, reliability, and patience. Group members must be able to trust the leader. This cannot happen without the leader being honest. Also, trust cannot survive unless the leader is a reliable person. If the group relied on its leader to do something and the leader did not do it, the members would no longer believe in the leader’s abilities. Without patience, a leader could not explain rules to a person with a lower level...
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