What Is a Hero?

Topics: Hero, Martin Luther King, Jr., American films Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: January 25, 2012
"How would we tell a hero story today? What would be the setting, what would the enemy be, and what values would the hero embody?"
Heroes are a rare, but neccessary type of person. In reality, and our modern society, heroes are not out slaying dragons, or conquering an evil sorcerer. Heroes come in many shapes and forms, and what's capsulated within is the true power of a hero. The mainstream, and fictional heroes are held to a standard of an externally admirable image. Hercules, Zeus, Odysseus, Beowulf, and to a lesser extent, Professional WWE wrestlers along many others are all seen as masculine men who look as if their muscles are unobtainable by their large audience of observers. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for example, a man who inspired an entire race to break the crippling chains of oppresion. This was not a man of tenacious appearance, but when he spoke the world listened, and his words were stained in history.

A true display of heroism was shown on September 11th, 2001 in New York City. After two airplanes collided with the Twin Towers, many people were left trapt inside of the buildings with smoke filling their lungs and fire searing their skin. Heroes, such as firefighters and police officiers, quickly reacted and put themselves on the line to save others. Selflessness opitomizes heroism in this instance. These modern day heros, fire fighters, police officiers and even civilians, sacrificed their lives to save another individual which in most cases were complete strangers demonstrated the true beauty of humanity.

The enemy, known as Al' Qeada was the group who carried out this attack. Al Qeada is a network of Islamic terrorists operatives who were created to scare society. Most believe that the attacks were brought about because of their hatred for America. The kamikazee suicide bombers perceived themselves as heroes due to their act of selflessness, but a hero does not harm those who are innocent, those who have families, and those who are...
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