What is a Hero?

Topics: Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Hero Pages: 4 (1660 words) Published: April 2, 2013
What is a hero? On dictionary.com hero is defined as a man of eminent courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. “Christopher Vogler’s character arc is that the Hero’s Journey does not apply to female protagonists, intimate dreams, or romantic comedies”(Palmer, 2). A hero is defined by Joseph Campbell as “someone who has given his life to something bigger than himself.” The hero journey is shown is a series of different patterns but all lead into the same meaning. Many books and movies such Love & Basketball and The Hobbit follow the Hero’s Journey. “Campbell was mythologist, who could make a story from beginning to ending from almost anything”(Young, 1). Campbell was an outstanding student growing up; therefore he became obsessed with art of mythology. Campbell stated that Mythologies are in fact the public dreams that move and shape societies. Jonathan Young states in his article, “Joseph Campbell’s Mythic Journal that Campbell’s goal was to become the world’s most noted scholar in competitive mythology. “From time to time people ask me for a copy of the original seven-page memo that was the foundation of THE WRITER’S JOURNEY”(Hero’s Journey, 4). Love & Basketball is a great example of following the Hero’s Journey because it shows a young woman transitions from being just an average person to striving to be the best a person can be through all trials and tribulations. Vogler was a Hollywood development executive. He wrote a book, “The Writer’s Journey”, which goes through a relationship of mythology and storytelling”(Christopher Vogler, 1). Vogler took Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and revised it into his own reincarnation. Campbell imagined that hero stories have a similar building across all human cultures, and that there are models that we always see in them: the refusal of the call, the mentor, and the deepest cave. Vogler views coming at story building out of the Joseph Campbell “Hero with a Thousand Faces” tradition. When...

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