What Is a Healthy Society?

Topics: Want, Sociology, Morality Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: January 7, 2011
A healthy society is a balanced society that work on all levels of life. A society is the sum of all individuals and organization operating within the nation, when a society doesn’t work it’s because the individuals and the groups are out of balance within themselves. A balanced society:

There are two very important factors in a human’s life and by looking at those factors we can identify what create a balanced society. Family and friends:
This part has to do with relationships, care taking and friendships. We do not treat family as work or businesses since other values are involved. Work:
This has to do with income and doing something productive; when we work we are focused on different tasks then when we are home with family. A society:
The same goes for the society or the nation. If the nation is considered only to be a business, we will have a cold and materialistic society. The human do not have other values then to produce and create profit. The human value is to be considered as an asset and not as a living human being. If the nation look at the society only as a family, and don’t pay attention toward the business side, the country will have difficulties being organized and pay attention to employment and budgets. I don’t believe people are happy when there isn’t a balance between work and family. Who wants to spend their life being poor because the nation can’t create jobs and organize a plan for financial prosperity? And who wants to spend their life as a work force for a corporation with no time to live and no time with their families? People do not want to be slaves and they don’t want to be poor without any hope or a plan for the future. How can we do this?

1. Nation as a family.
A family is someone who is there when you need support, it’s also someone you are supporting depending on your age and role and where you are in life. They help you when you are sick, support you through education, celebrate milestones and help you through...
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