What is a good life?

Topics: Marriage, Personal life, Religion Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: December 16, 2013

What is a good life?
In today’s world, humans are often misled on what really is a good life. We are constantly shown through the television and magazines that being rich and famous is the way to go when it comes to a good life, when in truth many of them are miserable by problems that usually wouldn’t affect the common person. In truth there are only a few that are rich and famous and do achieve what can probably considered one of the greatest achievement’s by a man which is having a good life. In my opinion, the decision if someone has a good life or not is up to them and their will to strive for something better than average during the high school years of their life. The reason I feel like it begins at that age in their life is because at this point of anyone’s life they can determine their own future and strive for a better education if that’s what they want. When a person is born, whether they are born into royalty or in the slums, it is not their decision to choose which family they are born into, all they can do is try to the best for themselves and their future. Rather that person chooses a subjective lifestyle and strives to accomplish many goals, or an objective lifestyle and strive to own many material objects and the rich and famous lifestyle that many of us are manipulated to chase. It all begins in high school and with that persons will to put in the work necessary to get the results they want to receive in the future. If they put in no effort then they will receive no results, just like the philosophical expression that Parmenides used “Ex Nihillo Nihill Fit” (Of nothing, nothing comes). If one does decide to take the road to a higher level of knowing and learning, in the long run they will receive the prize for their hard work by potentially getting the job that won’t even feel like job, receiving the amount of money necessary to live a happy lifestyle , and potentially raising their chances of marriage which is statistically proven to make...
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