What Is A Good Cop

Topics: Pen, Electronics, Mobile phone, Envelope, Mail, Internet / Pages: 3 (541 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2013
Bruce P. Sigler
Columbia Southern University

Sitting at the desk, sharpening pencils, gathering ink pens, and finding paper have been the cornerstone of writing papers and letters. But all across America, electronic devices are replacing pen and paper.
Numerous stories have been reported in the media about the decline of the U.S. Postal Service and their loss of business to electronic mail and the internet. Fewer letters are mailed, less stamps being purchased, less envelopes being needed, all equal less revenue for the postal service. Rarely do I receive written correspondence from family these days, but I have no shortage of receiving e-mails and digital photos from them. This includes pictures from cellular phones, for when they are on the go. So long for postcards. No more going to the local tourist trap, walking to the postcard display, and twirling it around, searching for that perfect card to send.
A jaunt to the airport these days will reveal a bevy of laptop and tablet computers. Some will be doing business on them others, maybe schoolwork. Most will be on some sort of “Social Media” website, sending e-mails, typing in chat rooms, instant messaging, and some even typing letters. If no computer, they will be hunched over typing or surfing the web on their cell phone. Fee Wi-Fi is all the rage now, and available at most airports. Rarely, if one takes the time to look, will you see a person sitting with a spiral bound notebook; ink pen clutched in hand, vigorously writing away. Perhaps, the writer pauses for a moment, looking off in the distance, as if searching for the perfect word to write.

No longer are pocket dictionaries needed, and for that matter the pocket thesaurus. No need to look in the dictionary and pick words out for fun, or just learn something new. Rummaging around for that dictionary, sitting on some dusty shelf, is no longer needed. We can have

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