What Is a Business Change Request?

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What is a Business Change Request?
A Business Change Request is a formal request for a Change to be effected. The request can be for a new initiative or a change to an existing product/service/system/process. The Change Request incorporates details of the proposed Change, and must be recorded on the Change Request Form and submitted to the PMO electronically

Change Request Process diagram available on the next page.

Definitions and Abbreviations
Definition/Abbreviation| Description|
Business Analyst Team (BA’s)| A Team of Specialists who analyses the Business Change Requests with the purpose to deliver a comprehensive Business Requirement Document (BRD) that outline the Requirements and Functional Solution Design that may require a system or process change.| Business Change Request| A formal request for a Change to be made. The request can be for a new initiative or a change to an existing product/service/ system/process. The Change Request includes details of the proposed Change, and may be recorded on paper or electronically.| Business Requirements Document (BRD)| A document compiled by the Business Analyst Team that articulates the detailed Requirements of the Business Change Request.| IT Change Advisory Board (CAB)| An IT Management Body that reviews all Change Requests with signed-off BRD’s received from the Business Analyst Team, as well as Bug Fix and Maintenance Requests received directly from Business Change Requestors.

Project| A Business Change Request that has a complex scope (multiple process area involvement), high cost associated with it or has a high level of effort required to implement.
Project Management Office (PMO)| A group of Project Professionals that will facilitate the successful delivery of Bayport Projects by applying best practice Project Management Methods across the entire project lifecycle, from project approval to project closure.| Maintenance Request| A Business Change Request to...
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