What Is Your Definition of the Word “Team?” What Makes a Team?

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A team is when a group of people who play together to reach a common goal, provide essential skills, and perform their specific duties. A team must have cooperative members and even distribution of tasks. In this case, our goal of this softball team is to win the Western Conference. People on a team organize the tasks they do and cooperate to achieve their goal. In softball, another word for “team” is family. A team is supposed to come together and share their experiences in softball to help others; as well as, being loyal to others in and out of softball. In order to have a team, everyone must present teamwork which is a helpful way for people to share what they know. For example, when playing a softball game, some of the girls may be better runners, some have better batting skills, and some are stronger and make great defenders. All of these qualities make a great team! Two things that make a team are how well the team as a whole achieves its goal working together in the correct way and how well each individual team member contributes to the group. Working in teams can be worthwhile because goals that are rigorous can be achieved. Obviously, it feels good to achieve something as a team; therefore, a group of people need to work hard together to achieve it. Sometimes working in a team can be frustrating and hard. Different people approach problems in different ways. It can be very complicated to combine everyone’s ideas of what would work best, but it is very important to listen carefully, keep your cool and find a solution. For a team to be successful, there are some responsibilities that a team must undertake Team members should encourage each other to be committed to their responsibilities, which is for people to try their best at every practice and/or game so they don't let the rest of the team down. Furthermore, in softball, girls must be involved in this sport. As a team member, always make sure you combine your ideas and skills when playing defense and...
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