What is wrong with the world today

Topics: We Are the World, Human, Christianity Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: September 16, 2014

Philosophy 125 World Religions
Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Thomas Spoleti
Assignment #2 Reflection

I Am
Recently, we have seen turmoil in every corner of the world, in every way imaginable. From the outbreak of civil unrest throughout the Middle East, to floods and earthquakes decimating Taiwan and Southern China, we can witness all these events as access to information is made available like never before in the history of man. All our advancements into areas such as medicine, agriculture, industry, still leave us asking what is still wrong with the world. A movie by Mr. Shadyac explored what is wrong with the world but ended up discovering what is right. The questions surrounding the state of humanity that have been posed recently are not just by Mr. Shadyac. Countless philosophers and thinkers of our time have explored our age of anxiety and many have shared their insight. The movie, “I Am”, is a great piece of curiosity that is presented in simple terms so every individual can easily grasp the message. “I Am” is provoking by showing us how we have come to be, why we have come to be where we are, and lends us insight into what can happen and what we should consider as we move forward. Many religions deal with these questions of significance and security of the future. Mr. Shadyac decided to seek out his own answers to these questions and not continue to follow what we have been told by religion or otherwise.

Mr. Shadyac is not a philosopher trained at any university or by any professional means. He was a comedian that had achieved a level of fame that provided him with wealth to live luxuriously and comfortably. He questioned what “it” all meant. This led me to think that he is not just like any of the successful Hollywood celebrities who are more concerned with their public appearance schedules and wardrobe options from the best designers. Thomas Shadyac had the opportunity to live just like all the other wealthy celebrities, but he has chosen...
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