What Is Unethical Behavior

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Guatemala Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: June 24, 2013
How important is human life, is it safe to say that research is always done properly with out lives lost? This writer has evaluated an article regarding unethical research held between United States and Guatemala.

Brief History

It all started in the 1940’s where nearly 83 humans have passed due to studies as if they where guinea pigs. Details within the research were regarding sexually transmitted deceases. How far with society in other countries go to seek valid information to cure the sick or discover new cures. (Urdaneta & France-Presse, 2011).

The Behavior Involved

Yes, unethical research behavior was involved. The United States was testing Guatemala citizens as if their lives were not as valuable as their own. Understanding that the researchers knew that they could have done more studies with guinea pigs first or before human trills were performed. (Urdaneta & France-Presse, 2011).


According to an investigation practically 5,500 occurred with a affection to diagnostic testing and “more than 1,300 were exposed to venereal diseases by human contact inoculations in research meant to test the drug penicillin.” (Urdaneta and France-Presse (2011)

To think that originally, the researchers infected Guatemalan females that where involved as commercial sex workers. They were affected with gonorrhea or syphilis, and then to top it off the women where not made a wear of what they were effected with or the side affects and was encouraged to unguarded sex with soldiers or jail prisoners. (Urdaneta & France-Presse, 2011).

“Mind blowing that neither were the subjects were told what the research was for or warned of its potentially fatal consequences.” Urdaneta and France-Presse (2011)

Try to image the unethical behavior; thinking that a soldier thought that he was meeting a nice girl and they were to get involved sexually with out using protection. Or if that wanted to start a family. All the problems that they would encounter has they...
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