What Is True and What Is Not True. Internet

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What is true and what is not true.


The internet has become more popular today than it has ever been. Technology makes it possible to get a lot of information in one place. Now the problem that this has is, how you can tell if it is true or not true. Checking facts against other facts, checking to see how credible the author is and checking to see if the website you get it from has a reputation. These are just a few ways to tell if what you are reading is fact or made up just so the person writing it can look good. Accuracy, Purpose, Currency (Timeliness), Trustworthiness, Bias, Citations, Check summary, Expertise, comparison, Credentials, are a few ways of making sure the information you have is correct.

Students no longer really need a library building. Students can now turn their computer on and find the same information. Whenever you find information online the first thing you can do is check to see if other websites have the same information. Compare them to each other and pick out the facts from none facts. If you see several websites with the same information and said the same way you can than determine that it might be correct information. But you need to also check that it is not the same author making several website. When going to a website people need to check the credentials of the author. Usually the author who is credible will have a short bio to let people know a background of where they are expert at. This way you can figure out that maybe that author’s information is correct. Author’s that have degree in certain areas and then give information on the web you can than believe what is said is true. If you still do not for sure you can always do a background check to verify the author’s expertise. If an author says he/she is affiliated with an organization then it would be wise to check with that organization to see if the author is really with them. A lot of people who write things online will say that they are with an...
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