What Is the Purpose of My Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Emotion, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Over these last few months, I have felt a lot of different emotions and have had a lot of questions regarding my life: the purpose of my life, where I’m headed and who I am. I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel this way at this stage but it’s overwhelming and rather stressful. I’d like to think of myself as two people. The person I am when I’m around my friends and the person I am when I’m alone. Complete opposites of one another. I’m loud, talk way too much and way too fast, full of energy and life when around my friends. But when I’m alone, I feel empty, confused and vulnerable. Being these two different people, it’s rather difficult to find myself and my purpose in life when I can’t answer a simple 3-word question, “who are you?” I’ve read stories and spoken to friends and family who have had a difficult time in life- some a lot more difficult than others. Things that you would never know they had been through or going through considering the smile they wear each day. Every day around us there are people wearing masks. No not physically wearing a mask strapped on their face, but rather hiding the person they truly are. We often don’t even notice this as we are so cooped up in our own lives and live a life that revolves around me, myself and I. But someday we need to face life and deal with how we are feeling inside to fulfill our purpose and find the meaning to why we were put on this planet. I’ve heard countless people say life is hard, life is unfair, life is this or life is that. But the fact of the matter is life is all of those things and it’s also none of them. Life just is. What life seems to be is completely relative to the person having the experience. And the reason that’s such a great thing is because that means whatever life is to you right now can be changed for the better. I’ve had my fair share of very tough times and lowest of lows but what gets me through them to see my way back to the top is the fact that I know I’m not the first person to...
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