What Is the Most Promising Future

Topics: Police, Optical character recognition, Automatic number plate recognition Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 13, 2012
What is the most promising future technology in the criminal justice arena? Fully explain the technology and why you believe it is the most promising?

Technology is getting more and more advanced, for that matter it make things in criminal justice much easier. Technology helps us to improve public safety in many ways. For example, it can keep criminal records and identities save. It can keep criminals away from buying weapons and other dangerous tools. In order to catch a criminal you have to have the right tools and one of the Technology tools I have found is Automatic License Plate Recognition it is used in a wide range of policing. The software aspect of this advanced system is run on any computer; it can also be linked to other devices, applications, or database. It uses a wide range of manipulation techniques to detect and enhance the license plate; optical character recognition (OCR) extracts the numbers of a plate. Advances in technology have been taken Automatic License Plate Recognition to completely new level. The system went from fixed application to mobile application; it is supposed to be more cost effective and it is distributed all around the world to different law enforcements.

Cameras that are smaller and recorded in higher speed are placed in the trunk of police vehicles, it allows police officers to read license plate in real time. Imaging hardware placed in front of the Automatic License Plate Recognition it will capture the image of the license plate.

However, each country has its own Automatic License Plate Reader due to the language barrier with the license plates. There are a number of different reasons for an Automatic License Plate Reader in the United States one catching drivers with suspended licenses. It is also useful when a driver has no insurance, or if the vehicle is stolen. Many law enforcements us it for Amber alerts.

I believe this system is very effective to our law enforcement; it enhances the security and safety...
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