What Is the Most Important Quality in a Good Teacher?

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: October 6, 2010
It is a famous saying that "A teacher is like a light-house that shows the right path to people in darkness". So to be a teacher is in fact a great responsibility and he/she should try to possess the good and important qualities of such great people in the past history of the world like Socrates, Aristotle, Christ and Muhammad who changed the world and their teachings are still affecting people throughout the world until now. Actually it's not easy for easy everybody. Patience, persuasiveness, endurance, faith and consistency are important qualities of a teacher. A teacher must possess leadership qualities, should do whatever he/she says, to enable the students to follow him/her. One more thing is that must have great confidence and strong will power to obtain the best results from his/her students. Also, he/she is able to teach their students and help them out in problems in their studies is a good teacher. Also he/she have enough and latest knowledge of teaching subject. It will lead to become a professional among the students. Sometimes it can happen in some educational department and schools. A teacher who is very good and proficient, but he can’t explain to his students. Actually, he is so good and so clever, because of the poor of his teaching skills; his students can’t any benefit by him. A teacher is an individual who acts the most critical role in the development of any being. To the future of any student depends on the qualities and commitment of a teacher. It is the teacher who creates an interest in students to develop and progress and achieve whatever objectives they set for themselves. Moreover as a teacher from any aspect of education or training, he/she could be able to face different levels and skills of people (student). Because of the poor quality of teacher, he/she only can earn bad feedback from learner but also their student will be lost in their education. By training and experiencing, a teacher can derive the important quality for...
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