What is the most important factor when building an empire?

Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 1, 2014
What is the most important factor when building an empire?

In this essay I will write about what is the most important factor when building an empire. The different groups that are important when building an empire are Ideological; social, economic and political .These groups each have different ways which are important in building an empire such as the social factor and the political factor, the social factor is more to the all the countries in the empire will be allies and is also letting the people to vote for who they want to be in power over the empire. And the political factor is the empire wanting to gain more power in the world. I think the least important factor in building an empire is the social factor. Because the social factor is just pretty much people getting to choose who is in power; and that’s not always something good because when it’s time to vote for who want in power and you hear their speech the people are always swayed to all the luxuries promises they are making such as getting paid more money and never losing a single war. Also part of the social factor is that all the countries in the empire will be allies and because within the empire all the countries are allies The empire will have a huge army which is good in one way because if any country goes to war with them they will have a very a chance of defeating them but it’s bad in another way because that means Rome will have to spend more in the army for an example they would have get every single person in the army going to war mainly metallic shields ,swords and armour which would have used up a large portion of their money. The second least that I think was not that important in building an empire was the political factor because the political factor was more about how the emperor/empress is financing the empire’s money and how strong are they in the world and to make sure the empire is doing anything to enlarge its self (meaning taking over...
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