What Is the Importance of Uniformity

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what is the importance of uniformity ,dress right dress, and discipline in the army? the importance of uniformity is to make everyone become and look equal. there are no differences between us, no separation because we are all a team. what is the point of uniformity, when a whole platoon is uniformed it shows discipline and being in uniform is one of the things that is part of the foundation of the army. Without uniformity there cannot be discipline, and then it turns into a chain reaction and destroying the foundation of the army. being in uniformity shows soldiers how they can do things together and how working together, we as people can do anything we want to accomplish. it also teaches soldiers that uniformity also shows responsibility that when things are disorganized nothing ever gets done, but when there are no differences holding back from completing the mission anything can be done 110%. Everything needs to also have discipline without having the discipline to fix something that is out of place when you know that it needs to be fix then everything would be jacked up. For example, if it were not for my leadership to keep us awake all night, night before the inspection cleaning everything making sure that everyone was truly dress right dress, checking all the wall lockers and bed display we may vary would have not passed the inspection on our own. the reason I say that for is because we all come from different up brings, some were taught discipline and others were brought up spoiled and had everything done for them and or never had anyone there to teach them how to keep thing neat or responsibility to make sure rules are completed 110%. when every is dress right dress it eliminates the difference that people have, it eliminates jealousy, deformity and also our disabilities and everything separates us from being the same. in the army, during our training we have to learn to put all of our differences aside and push through together through...
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