What Is the Future of Antarctica?

Topics: Ozone depletion, Global warming, Oxygen Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: April 14, 2013
What is the future of Antarctica?

The fifth biggest continent in the world and 10% of its total land area is being destroyed simply because of humans. Antarctica, one of the last truly untouched wildernesses is slowly becoming just like the rest of the world, should we let it happen or should we do something about it? 17 species of penguins currently inhabit Antarctica with over 50 million of the different species. Many countries take interest in Antarctica for different reasons whether it is because of money and riches or simply for the tourist value. This makes Antarctica a very popular place with each country having its own idea about the future of it. A mixture of the ‘Aurora Australis’ and the sheer beauty of the place makes it a very desirable holiday yet too many tourists and the place will no longer be as beautiful. With tourists come hotels and litter, this then destroys the one naturally beautiful place left in the world, once its destroyed then there is no going back. As more CO2 is dispersed into the atmosphere it slowly destroys the ozone layer causing global warming which will eventually melt the ice sheets causing all kinds of trouble like the world’s oceans rising by about 60-65 meters. This would also cause the wildlife to be killed affecting the whole world’s food chain.

Antarctica is rich in minerals and this to most countries means more money. Many different minerals such as Iron ore, chromium, copper, gold, nickel and platinum have been found in Antarctica along with a couple more in very small amounts. There is predicted to be oil in Antarctica which will become very important in the next 100 years as we are slowly running out, soon its source of oil will be required more than ever and most of the countries will be interested. Other minerals such as the iron ore and coal aren’t the best and there is no point in getting anyway as there are better places in the world that have more and better quality. The gold however is very rare and...
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