What Is The Difference Between Formal And Informal Power

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What is the difference between formal and informal power? 
How does one gain power?
Which type of power does a nurse leader have?

Formal power is given to someone related to the job and position held in the organization. Depending on the position, authority varies and decision making power can be more or less. In other hand, informal power is something a person earned himself. Informal power has unique characteristics depending on the education, experience, and expertise in certain field. These qualities are viewed with respect, however there are several factors to gain personal power. There are many sources of power that someone can achieve using different resources. Reward

Have Position (Tomey, 2009)

Mostly nursing managers and leaders have positional power, however one person can have more than one kind of power. For example a leader has positional power, charismatic, personal, and expert power, if that leader has qualification.

It is preferable for a leader or manager power to be equal to the authority of the position. The nurse leader or manager knowledge of sources of power and authority can help one assess and use them. Nurses have the authority to delegate but remain responsible for what they delegate. (Tomey, 2009) Tomey, A. M. (2009). Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership (8th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri:

Professional organizations provide for the professional development of their membership. Some associations provide continuing education contact-hour credits for free or at a significant discount. Webinars and web-based media formats also aid nurses in learning new information. Frequently these offerings focus on advocating for nurses and nursing and teaching, for instance, how to contact and work with legislators and how to advocate for new ways to strengthen healthcare.

Kim and Carenina,

In addition to your post about the nursing leaders using evidence-based nursing practice, it is crucial to accomplish organizational goal. Evidence-based practice is to bring positive outcome for the patients. Nurse leaders creating a positive work environment that foster employee satisfaction. Critical thinking skills are essentials to nursing practice to recognize the complexity and various technologies used in current health care system. Delivering a patient care in current complex health care settings, nurse managers must be able to redesign the care to meet the organizational goal. Nurse leaders are challenged to think critical to deliver evidence- based nursing care that was learnt in nursing school. Nurse leaders use different techniques to deliver critical thinking. “Inquiry-based learning techniques such as questioning, discussion, debates, case studies, and critical incident analysis can be used when planning curriculum for management and leadership education programs” (Zori, 2009).

Zori, S., & Morrison, B. (2009). Critical thinking in nurse managers. Nursing Economics, 27(2), 75-9, 98. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/236937990?accountid=458

Cultural competence is in the era of evidence-based practice. Nurses shall practice interventions, which were already tested and clinically proven to reduce racial inequalities. Evidence-based practice and research are mostly used in clinical practice to provide culturally congruent care. The transcultural nursing concepts appeared in medical professional years ago due to migration of different societal culture. Peoples are sensitive about their cultures and want to save their norms and values. It is very important for nurses to preserve their cultural heritage during the direct patient care. “Cultural competency can be defined as having specific cognitive and affective skills that are essential for building culturally relevant relationships between provides and patients” (Kersey-Matusiak, 2012). It is...
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