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Kirat Hundle

What is the difference between an element and a compound?
An element is an isotope made of the number of neutrons it has. A compound is a substance made of two or more different elements (a mixture).

2. What is the periodic table?
A periodic table is where the chemical elements are organized based on their atomic number (number of protons in the nucleus), electron arrangement, and chemical properties. 3. Give two examples of each of the four major mineral groups (silicates, carbonates, oxides and sulphides).

➔ Silicates: quartz and topaz
➔ Carbonates: magnesite and aragonite
➔ Oxides: uranite and hematite
➔ Sulphides: pyrite and marcasite
4. Distinguish between a rock and a mineral i.e., what are they? How are they similar? How are they different?
A rock is a solid mineral formed on the surface of the Earth. A mineral is a natural solid substance (i.e. mountains). They both are solid substances and are both natural substances. Also, they both are chemical compositions and both make up the Earth. Minerals are natural occurring inorganic solids and have a specific chemical formula. A rock is made of one or more minerals. 5. What is the study of minerals called?

6. Give an example of one type of mineral ore deposit; describe how it formed, what its uses are, and how you would mine it.
Volcanic hosted massive sulfide (Besshi); the copper was given to Japan’s trade. First they find it, secondly they estimate the size of the deposit, thirdly they identify if theres any risks in the area and run the idea by the engineers to see if it’s possible to go in. Then, they evaluate their financial capability. Afterwards, they start developing how to get to an ore body and create the mine plant and get the equipment. Then they start mining. Lastly, after they're done mining, they make the land (where the mine used to be) good for the future (land rehabilitation). 7. What is the Rock Cycle?

The Rock Cycle is a group of changes.
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