What is the charismatic leadership

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What is the charismatic leadership?

Charismatic leadership is the ability to lead others based on personal charisma and associated skills that generate devotion among followers. The guidance provided to an organization by one or more individuals seen as inspiring and therefore been granted the organizational power to make dramatic changes and extract extraordinary performance levels from its staff. For example, a business manager imbued with charismatic leadership could be enlisted to plan a turnaround or launch a new product line.

Charismatic leaders are different from other leaders in the way that they transform organizations and their members. They are able to articulate a vision for an organization’s future that motivates its members to extraordinary effort and achievement . They can generate enthusiasm among the members of the organization by describing a better organizational future, by presenting new opportunities and solutions, and by connecting the needs of the members of the organization to the projected vision

Most charismatic theories emphasize follower attributions of extraordinary qualities to the leader. Conger and Kanungo (1988, 1998) proposed that the attributions are determined jointly by characteristics of the leader, subordinates, and situation. In contrast, House (1977) and Shamir and associates (1993) have defined charismatic leadership in terms of how the leader influences follower attitudes and motivation, regardless of whether followers consider the leader extraordinary

What is the impact of the dark side of charismatic leadership

The conception of a charismatic leader as someone extraordinary seems not meet the idea of extensive empowerment and shared leadership. Thus, a charismatic leader may be dysfunctional in a self-managed team, a cross-functional team, or a collegial professional organization.

Charismatic leadership implies big change in the strategy and culture of an organization, which may not be necessary...
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