What Is The Cause Of Fear In America?

Topics: Japanese American internment, North Korea, Terrorism / Pages: 5 (1174 words) / Published: Jan 15th, 2016
Fear is ever present. It can be found in any place at any time on the Earth, from a scuba diver at the bottom of an ocean to a skydiver, miles away from the ground. As humans, it is our one and only instinct, and it drives everything the human race does. Fear is the one word that can be found inside of every being on this planet. As such, in an advanced society such as the society found in the USA, fear is widespread. While it may not be evident to those outside of the country, it is a cause of considerable concern for those within the US. For this reason, the fear in the American society should be mitigated. Yet, similar to most controversial topics, this is easier said than done. America is continually plagued by the threat of ISIL, a terrorist group based in Syria, and fear of an economic crisis and a bear market. …show more content…
In fact, these problems each appear to be unmovable bricks, stacking up and forming an impregnable brick wall the USA must break through, With each piece that is added to this brick wall, there is a shock wave that is felt throughout this country -- a shock wave of fear. Fear continues to rise as each of these problems begin to haunt the country in their own unique ways. Solutions can be found for the problem that is fear in the American society, and they come in the form of stopping the problem that is relations with other countries, solving America’s illegal immigration problem, and creating racial

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