What Is the Canadian Dream?

Topics: Secondary education, Canada, Higher education Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: April 7, 2008
Over the years Canada has evolved into a great nation. From being ruled by Britain to the signing of the Statute of Westminster; creating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the making of the Canadian flag, Canada has become a symbol of love, peace and justice. One question however still remains unanswered: what is the “Canadian Dream”? Some say there is no dream, while others might believe it is the same as the illusive “American Dream”. I assure you that the “Canadian Dream” reflects a prosperous family lifestyle. It ensures the health, education, safety and well-being of a family. With such prosperity surrounding this nation, it creates unification through all and produces a country with a solid foundation. Health care is a prime example of a reason to come to Canada and settle with a family. Health care is free and it is covered by the taxes that are paid by (most) citizens. In comparison with other countries, Canada has an exceptional health care system. Danielle Martin, board chairwoman of Canadian doctors for Medicine wrote, “In a systematic review…researchers confirmed the Canadian system leads to health outcomes as good, or better, than the U.S private systems, at less than 50 percent of the cost” (Bagnall, para. 5-6). Martin’s statement gives insight to the virtue of the health system present in Canada. She confirms the fact that Canadian health care is a leading factor in our journey to the “Canadian Dream”. Canada is a well-educated country. We have a higher education rate than many other countries and this is an excellent reason for families to want to settle here and build a prosperous family life. Unlike the education in the United States of America that is funded by student expenditure, the “public education in Canada is run by the provinces and territories and is paid for through taxes”. Along with that, “education is free and available to every child in Canada” (Fact Sheet: Elementary and Secondary School Education, para. 1) until post...
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