What Is the Best Thing to Do with Your 10,000 Pesos Capital?

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What Is The Best Thing To Do With Your 10,000 Pesos Capital?

There’s a lot of business that you can do that requires little or no capital at all. Discipline and perseverance is what one needs to have in order to do this.

For a 10,000 pesos capital . . . . . . .

For me, these are the businesses that can be made :

Sell electronic load

There’s a lot of companies emerging that offers an all in one sim card. With a single capital, you can already sell different kinds of electronic load. Yes, there’s already a lot of store that are selling electronic loads, but people nowadays are getting more lazy. If you work in a tall building, usually people who works there doesn’t want to go down just to purchase loads. You can also supply loads to your relatives and friends. They just text you if they need to have their loads replenished. Yes, profit will be lower because of the texting but there’s still profits to be made. You just make sure that “business is business”. Don’t forget to ask for their payment.

Be an Agent or a Middleman

You can be an agent, with this, you earn by being the middle man for a company or people who wants their products and services to be sold. They produce most of the capital but you get commissions when you have their products or services sold. You can be an agent of cars, real estate, insurance and others.

Sell Foods

Depending on the location and food products that you want to sell, you need to choose which kind of food products are priced within your capital. You can operate a food stall with minimal capital. It’s not necessary to use expensive materials.

What if you don’t know how to cook or prepare the food products that you want to sell? Well, learn to look for suppliers of food products that are already prepared, just make sure that you can still make a profit from their selling price.


Buy and sell is selling products that can be bought at a low price and then selling it with higher price...
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