What Is Success? Wealth and Support? or Opportunity and Talent? (Malcolm Gladwell)

Topics: Malcolm Gladwell, LGBT, Blink, Difference / Pages: 4 (802 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2013
What is Success? Wealth And Support? Or Opportunity And Talent?

Every author is different than one another. Some write fiction, some write non-fiction. Others like to argue and introduce their theories and ideologies to the world. But all authors have one thing in common: each writer has a main point, or main idea, to get across the papers and into our heads. Whether it is a short story, chapter book, article, or even a paragraph written down. Every word written onto that piece of paper has a meaning or point. Reading a lot of Malcolm Gladwell’s work, I realized that it came down to one simple word that has drove him to write 100s of articles and books. That word is, Success. Gladwell has one point that he tried to get across to us in his book Outliers and articles such as “Most Likely To Succeed” and “Late Bloomers”. The main point that the book and articles revolved around was; what is success, and how to define the successful ones. With the spaces between his words you would start to realize that at certain times, Gladwell contradicts himself, and at the end of the paragraph he would leave you with a question to think about. As I continue to read Outliers and the two articles it made me question Gladwell. What is his real definition of success? Is it wealth and support, or is it oppturinty and talent? He leaves that for us to ponder and to come up with an answer.
Comparing and contrasting Gladwell’s work, there are many similarities and some differences. And in order to bring about these similarities and differences one needs to know the techniques and styles of Gladwells writing. Outliers and the articles have been confusing due to Gladwells specific techniques. So how does Gladwell confuse us but at the same time get us thinking about his definition of success? As we keep getting deeper into Gladwell’s thoughts and ideas towards success, it has become easier to realize his creative techniques

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