What Is Social Policy?

Topics: Industrial Revolution, City, Urbanization Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Definition of social policy
Part one (500 words)
1.My interpretation of social policy is that it is a set of rules, norms and values which are represented in society in order to allow all people to succeed to their full potential. In class we had come to a conclusion that social policy helps society to run, it creates a safety net for the less forutnate and minority. 2. Industrialisation is an economical change when a civilisation upgrades their standards from an agrarian lifestyle to an industrialised lifestyle. In England an industrial revolution happened in the 18th century, this included the use of modern factories and many other things. When industrialisation and mechanism occured in England it was wonderful because children from poor back grounds were no longer forced to work in dangerous mines and less fortunate adults never had to work uncapable hours for less then minimum wage in cramped environments, this is a great side to social policy. Urbanisation is the change when their is a physical decrease of rural areas and a physical growth of urban areas, it was predicted that by 2008 50% of the world would be urban and by 2050 65% of the world would be urban. A main reason for urbanisation in countries such as England is because as most of the mechanised factories were built in big cities (such as London and Liverpool) a huge amount of people relocated to these areas in hope of finding work. 3.The new poor law was created because pople of the middle class thought that working class people were taking their money via parishes and not working at all. They were then made to work long hard hours in workhouses and children were made to work in mines. This all changed when industrialisation occured, and using agricultural methods of doing things were mechanised, this is mechanism. Now as most of the mechanised factories were located in main cities, a substantial amount of the population moved to these areas, this is what we call urbanisation. This occured in...
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