What Is Shirley Jackson’s message in “The Lottery”

Topics: The Lottery, Shirley Jackson, Irony, Lottery, Short story, Lotteries / Pages: 2 (417 words) / Published: Jun 22nd, 2015
Tasha Petitlouis
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February 11, 2014
What Is Shirley Jackson’s message in “The Lottery” Shirley Jackson’s message in “The Lottery” would happen to be a common case of irony, for the unexpected happens to the main character Tessie Hutchinson. The setting is a small unknown village, which participates in a gruesome murder every year. Each June 27th a lottery is hosted, and a single individual’s fate is chosen by a small piece of paper with a black dot in the center. The story is about how people will do what they are used to doing, no matter how ridiculous or cruel. The tradition has history but no origin. Although the people of nearby cities have halted the unjustified killings of innocent people from the wrath of “The Lottery,” people in this unknown city continued. A city elder known as “Old Man Warner” would be the only person who understands the history of the lottery and is all for the Lottery. Each and every year since he could throw a rock, he has participated and made it through seventy-six lotteries. This time around made seventy-seven; Old man Warner walked around exclaiming stating, “Listening to the young folks, nothing’s good enough for them. Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody work anymore, live that way for a while.”(136) Then he states the reason for the lottery by saying, “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” Is proof that this yearly ritual, would simply an o ffering in some sort of religious sacrificial ceremony. An ironic point of the story would have to be when, Bill Hutchinson drew the last paper from the shabby black box. He was the last one to draw, and drew the chosen lottery ticket. His wife Tessie Hutchinson spoke out saying, “You didn’t give him time enough to

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