What is science?

Topics: Scientific method, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Science Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: January 7, 2014
What is science:
A way of knowing
A system of acquiring knowledge
All disciplines in which data is collected by the scientific method, by experimentation using observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena The word science often describes any systematic field of study and/or the organized body of knowledge gained from it Scientists are explorers

Real science is about the unknown: trying to do experiments to find new answers about an unknown thing Result of a single experiment is only a single piece of the puzzle Think about how many inventions go into a car, computer, and other things When a study is published it goes through peer review and is then subject to testing by others If you’re reading about some “new exciting thing!” its old news because the experiment and analysis takes a really long time to conduct Peer review:

Are their studies don’t well?
Are their conclusions correct? Claim evidence reasoning?
How do the results fit into the bigger picture?

A hypothesis is an educated guess
An idea that is being tested to see if it is true
If a hypothesis is repedetly tested and found to be true, it may be elevated to the status of theory

A belief is one step below a hypothesis
An idea, not being tested
An idea held by a person in the face of data to the contrary Often not testable by the scientific method
Evolution versus intelligent design (creationism)
Roy halladay stil has something left versus the reality of his age

The scientific method
Question/ observation
Research/ experiment
If youre wrong, start again
If youre right, then continue to test you hypothesis to see how valid your hypothesis is If it holds, then it can be elevated to the status of a theory To test your hypothesis only change one variable at a time

Need to ask very simple and specific questions

Assignment due next class
Research the structure of scientific revolutions by Kuhn
Read reviews
Write a 1-2 paragraph...
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