What is Risk Assessment?

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Risk Assessment

What is a Risk Assessment?

It would be impossible to prevent every single minor bump and gaze but it is possible to eliminate most risks and protect children. Risk assessments have to be carried out in all public places, places of employment, care settings and similar to make sure that people are not injured unnecessarily. All day to day activities and environments have to have a risk assessment before children are involved.

Risk assessments take into consideration:

* A large number of everyday things that may appear harmless or go unnoticed but could be dangerous * A range of areas from the condition of toys and equipment to hygiene and cleanliness to access to children by members of the public

Risk assessments are not expected to be perfect but they must be suitable, sufficient and reasonably practical.

Managers must be able to show that:

* A proper check was made
* They asked who might be affected
* They dealt with all the significant hazards, taking into account the number of people who could be involved * The precautions are reasonable and the remaining risk is low * They involve staff, children and parents where applicable in the process

5 Steps to Risk Assessment

Step 1

Identify the hazards and potential risks e.g. uneven paths, time delay on external gates etc

Step 2

Decide who might be harmed and how e.g. if a child trips over a trailing wire on a kettle and they get scalded

Step 3

Evaluate the risks and decide on any control measures e.g. maintenance work, new gate etc

Step 4

Take action – implement your findings

Step 5

Record your finding for evidence

How are Risk Assessments Managed in my Setting?

* Staff are responsible for carrying out risk assessments on any new activity they introduce * The Buildings Supervisor / Head Teacher is responsible for carrying out risk assessments for the school premises * Policy’s are in place on how...
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