What Is Religion?

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What is Religion?
Religion has existed since the beginning of time, yet the definition of religion has remained complex and most definitely controversial. Religion in general is the belief in a divine being or set of beings and a system of morals that are almost always directly related with the figurehead. Religion also has a belief in an afterlife and a greater purpose to life which is serving an all-powerful God whose works we can envision in daily life. Religions have been uniting and separating people since the beginnings of time. Religion is centrally focused on our planet Earth and our uniqueness as a human species.

Almost all religions require the belief in a deity, or a divine higher being. Without the belief in a God, or Gods religion is not possible. In a religion you the believer decide whether or not to dedicate yourself to a deity. The believer is under the impression that everything is created by their God or somehow intertwined with that God, and that they need to live a life that mirrors the God they worship in order to please him or her. The deity’s beliefs are meant to be practiced by everyone in order to be on the good side of that higher being. Without the belief in a deity you simply are left with what remains. Without a deity a religion simply doesn’t exist because we do not have anyone to worship, or faith in any beings, we are left with just simply human nature. A reward system is then usually mentioned in a faith. If a person pleases their God then they will in the end be rewarded for their positive doings.

The reward given to someone living a moral life is normally a wonderful afterlife of some sort. All religions in one way or another accept the idea of an afterlife. The idea of an afterlife is critical to religions because it allows, in most cases, the believer to be joined with their God. This is critical to the idea of religion because it creates more of a personal relationship between God and man. This relationship that...
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