what is reflective practice

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A1 What is reflective practice?
Reflective practice is about looking at your own practice, looking at situations you have dealt with and how you deal with them at the time. Then looking at if the way you dealt with it was to the standard and if it could be improved next time. Why is reflective practice important?

This is important as you are able to look at your own practice to see if your working to the correct standard and if not what can be done to improve this, it my be that training is required. How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision. By reflecting on own practice and identifying any issues or changes. This could make the service user quality of care better for them and also knowing that you are working to the correct standards and the home/workspace running more smoothly. How standards can be used to help social care worker reflect on their practice. By checking standards which is looking at policies and procedures, codes of practice and cqc standards, you then know what is expected of a carer and you know the correct procedure to follow when caring out a task or dealing with situations.

A2 Why is it important for a social care worker to seek feedback on performance. This is important as it is a way of checking that you are working to the correct standards. It also enables you to gain confidence in what you are doing and promotes good team work. The different ways that people may react to receiving feedback. People react differently to feedback.

Negative-Not taking on board advice and putting people at risk. Feeling their way is best and not listening to others.
Positive- Taking on board advice given and wanting to learn and work to the correct standard and knowing what you are doing is correct.

B2 explain how PDP can help a social care worker identify improvement in their knowledge, understanding and practice. A PDP can help as it acknowledges weaknesses but...
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