What is real art? Discuss in relation to Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles

Topics: Abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock, History of painting Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: March 26, 2014
In America around the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s emerged a new kind of Abstract painting style dubbed as ‘Abstract Expressionism’ with a man named Jackson Pollock being, as what some may call, the ringleader and starting point of the movement with Blue Poles, formerly known as number 11, being one of his most famous works of art. But the question or stigma that still remains around the painting is ‘is it actually real art’ with some regarding it as being something that the skill of either a child or a chimpanzee could easily recreate with next to no thought put into it due to the use of chance continuously evident throughout the 210.4cm by 486.8cm painting. However, where is the rule of chance not being art? Where is even the rule book for art? The apparent rule book of art all comes from an oral and visual history way back from the 1600’s where the Renaissance Painting period resided which was very much about the precision of the brush on the canvas. However, contrary to popular belief, such as when the big so called scandal as to when the Whitlam Government bought Blue Poles from a private collector, Blue Poles and all of Jackson Pollock’s work do contain a high amount of skill, thought and are most certainly real works of art, which, like Pollock would say, ‘I deny the accident’. The painting Blue Poles was painted way back in 1952, around a period where Pollock was actually sober and produced his best works of all time inside of the abstract expressionism movement that he had started to some extent. Such a style of painting focuses on what’s in the artists actual subconscious mind, as if you’re in the middle of a deep sleep and it’s from this place where the artist attempts to paint from which is exactly what Pollock did through the use of colour and layers and even through the sheer size of his works with Blue Poles being one of the best examples to date to explain this which makes it merely impossible to talk about such paintings inside of subject matter. The...
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