What Is Professionalism?
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What does Professionalism mean to me? Professionalism in my term means it is someone who is very dedicated to their profession. I feel that if we did not have any people that cared about their profession our society would be horrible. In order to be a professional you must get an education and be very dedicated meaning all you do or all you care about is your profession. I also think that those kinds of people have no kind of life they have no interests outside of the jobs all they ever want to do is work. So this is what i think that Professionalism is. I did a little research and this is what i came up with so let’s see what professionalism really means.

Professionalism is an everyday language and it is for everyone, it is also has principles, laws, and ethics. It is the best life making choice in having Success and in Happiness. In order to have those things in your life you must be very committed to your profession so that means you must have pride in yourself and in your work, have goals, know what are your standards, values, and expectation’s are. Being a professional you must know how to behave in a professional manner how to treat other individuals you have to be loyal and be team players have integrity and most importantly be trustworthy. I believe that in this society there is a lack of professionalism our children are being raised to be spoiled and lazy which must stop it is for the best of our children’s future. Professionalism is not something you are born with you have to be taught how to become professional you must learn the principles. When choosing to be a professional you have chosen to leave a mark, a path behind you are embarking on a lifelong journey and growth.

Professionalism really is for everyone you must be responsible you must press for excellence develope new skills and be ready to take on the

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