What Is Primitive

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What is Primitive Art ?
Primitive art is produced by people who have developed any form of writing. The word "primitive" applied to art commonly means Negro African sculpture and other tribal arts in different parts of the world.

There is know primitive style, but many styles ranging from simple patterns, to portrait sculptures, and masks that would be seen as beautiful art pieces everywhere. Western art which is passed through various phases such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque each standing in a relationship to the other, primitive art has no historical frame of reference.

In "Art History" by Marilyn Stokastd, in the article "the Myth of "Primitive" Art;" she discusses the differences between the old notion of people and their being "primitive" and there for unsophisticated.

The definition of "primitive" is a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization, and the definition of "primitive art" is a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists, according to the Webster Dictionary. My definition of "Primitive Art" is that of artists that did not know at the time they were an natural born artists, who was unaware of being an artist. They were people "artist" from an earlier civilization, that produced beautiful works of art, to show and express their cultures and ways of life.

Likes the works in the Menil Collection, at the University of St. Thomas. The museum has beautiful works of art from various cultures. The art pieces from the Menil for instance from the African Art collection they have collections like the "Shoulder Mask: Bust of A Women," from the coastal regions of northern Guinea-Bissau. The Crave Effiggy: Male Figure from the western Bahe-a;-Ghazal Providence from the late 19th early 20th century. The Suspension Hook, Papua, New Guinea, its made of spike river wood with pigments, and a human skull covered in clay with shells inlayed. The true Negro,...
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