What is Political Corruption

Topics: Politics, Political corruption, Abuse Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: March 1, 2014
Abuse (Political Corruption)
Abuse, within the context of political corruption, is the wanton neglect of duty in the pursuit of other motivations. More specifically, it is the use of influence or power for a purpose not originally intended, as judged by law, pragmatism, and culture. In order to categorize an activity as an abuse, there needs to be either a breach of jurisdiction or a breach in the extent a power is exercised within the correct jurisdiction. For example, in Bai Ganyo: Incredible Tales of a Modern Bulgarian, Bai Ganyo treads into the realm of abuse by using his political position to bribe the Bulgarian police. Instead of using his connections and power to satisfy the needs of the Bulgarian people, he uses his position to terrorize voters and stuff ballot boxes (Konstantinov, 103-121). Unlike Bai Ganyo, who blatantly uses his state-granted power to further himself, Mourad’s colleagues in Corruption extend the flexibility given to them by the state by manipulating the building-plan approval process. Offering to expedite the approval process as opposed to delaying and denying, Mourad’s colleagues obtain bribes. While these “services” are not explicitly changing the underlying nature of their jobs, Mourad’s colleagues utilize their power for a purpose inconsistent with the interests of the state (Jelloun, 1-28). Sources of Ambiguity

The uncertainty surrounding the term stems from the underlying ambiguity of diagnosing what exactly was abused and whether the action done falls outside of the scope of official duties. Thus to accurately identify abuse, one must know legal and ethical boundaries surrounding “duty” both by definition and by magnitude. Difficult to gauge but still overwhelmingly important, public opinion, the predominant belief at present, needs to be factored into those boundaries as well. On an ethical scale, an “ends justifies the means” issue arises when the alleged abuse aided a cause deemed good for society. When the end result...
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