What Is Peace To Me

Topics: War, Protest, World War II Pages: 2 (1061 words) Published: May 27, 2015
PROF said around 450-600words. No less than 400 and should be one page by single space. What is peace to me
With time passting and technology developing, we understand how important is peace means is to us. It is without a doubtwell know that wars are kind of terrible thingis catastrophic as , it destroysed numerous resources, lands and a lots of people dieead because of war. However, peace is not only against the absence of war but it also stands on contrary toof any kind of violence. In my opinion, what constitutes peace can be broken downseparate into three main ideas. The fFirst idea is that of object warfare and the prevention of invasion;. sSecond is knowing how to correct appropriately or rather orderly protest the government rights which some people dislike and reducing the neighborly disputes and the last one is for everyone to be fair and equal.

First of all, peace can represent a variety of things to human. For those who are hungry or on the verge of starvationhungers, peace is to have enough foods and have a place to live. For those who still lives inare experiencing a war, obviously, peace is to put an end tostop the war. Nowadays, with the developmenting of technology, people are aware of knew how powerful chemical weapons arewas. That This is the one of reason as to whys that people try to stopped the wars from taking place and or to prevent invasion because all we knowit is without question that the war brings to huge disaster. The disaster that is brought upon by war is not limited to a specific and it is not only to an area, but rather affects the whole world andalso to the world which is whole environment. This is most probably why the United Nation was created so that people can advocate peace instead of warSo that we against wars and created United Nation to solve problems about peace. At the same time, I think the military plays an important role in up keeping peace because the is best way tomilitary shows the world and the citizens...
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