Nathan Hale

On June 6, 1775 a young boy was born in Coventry, Connecticut. His mother named Elizabeth Strong and father named Richard Hale named this young boy Nathan Hale. Nathan had 11 siblings growing up. Susanna Hale, Joanna Hale (Howard), and Elizabeth Hale (Taylor) were his three sisters. His eight brothers were named Richard Hale Jr, Joseph, Billey, Samuel, John, David, Jonathan, and Enoch Hale. They lived in Coventry Connecticut. The father built a thriving livestock, which was his income of money. Both parents originated from Great Britain.

Hale’s family was one of the most prominent families in the region and were pure Puritans. Nathan Hale was fair skin, with light blue eyes and stood at about 6 feet in height. He was very
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Hale decided to fight for the Continental Army. One of his first times in action was at the Siege of Boston. Then, Hale’s legacy came in and here is the story. George Washington needed some spies as the British were in Connecticut. Nathan Hale volunteered to become a spy for the army. He was given the role to be a teacher looking for work. As he ventured with the British to find work as a teacher, he was really finding out their positions for battles and where their bases were. There are two theories on how he got caught. The first theory was that his loyalist cousin named Samuel Hale recognized him and turned him into the British. Another theory is that one of the British majors Robert Rogers recognized him despite his disguise. Not admitting he found Hale, Rogers earned up his trust with Hale learning about his mission and all the details. Once Rogers invited Hale to come over with some “friends” he came over and was arrested. He was taken into custody and questioned. Once map and fortifications were found on Hale he was scheduled and execution. On September 22, 1776 Nathan Hale was hung by British soldiers. His last words before he died were: I only regret that I have but one life for this

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