What Is My Observation on the Quality of Life in Metro Manila?

Topics: Light rail, Manila Light Rail Transit System, Philippines Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: February 24, 2013
What is my observation on the quality of life in Metro Manila?

As the major function of cities is to provide places for people to trade, produce, communicate and live, the urban environment needs to be assessed from a very specific human perspective:  to provide an agreeable place to live while minimizing or balancing negative side effects. Quality of life in cities relies on a range of components such as social equity, income and welfare, housing, a healthy environment, social relations and education. Manila is the place where people in the province wish to go to. It's either to find a job, or to live into. Simply, because every opportunity shines in Manila. And thus, grabbing this opportunity could bring luxuries in life.              But for me, everyday in Manila is surviving. Riding in vehicles like MRT (Metro Rail Transit), LRT (Light Rail Transit), and buses is quite heart trembling, though safety measures are tight. Big buildings, sky ways, and some of those newly developed infrastructures shows that the city is not far behind from other rich countries. Positively, they offer jobs for job seekers. But how about if the natural calamities come like earthquakes?               Factories, manufacturing companies, food establishments are the one who produce goods and services, but they are also the one that causes pollution and destroying the natural environment through their wastes made from their products.               Modernized technologies, new inventions arise everyday. People young and old enjoy their life with less morality. Cell phones, internet and other high technology gadgets had bring bad influences in disadvantage ideas thus scandals and some illegal transactions. Yes, high technology makes life easy but yet, it also made life miserable to others. Otherwise, rapid population growth and overpopulation have serious effects on our quality of life, environment and health. When talking of numbers, the total records of Metro Manila might be...
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