What Is More Important in Your Life, Money or Your Job?

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What is more important in your life, Money or Your Job?
Written by bamboo(Jeong, Jong-hyeon) in first class.

Hello everybody!

I'm here to talk about the question of you what is more important in your life, your money or your job. I'm afraid our society is changing rapidly toward money-oriented society. Of course, money is important. There are lots of things money can buy, including social status and convenience of life. Even when choosing jobs, many people look at the pay before considering what the job actually involves. Some people says, "What is important is how much money you earn, not what you do at work."Well, I don't agree with this point. A full-time worker normally spends at least eight hours a day, five to six days a week at work. This means that if a person doesn't enjoy their work, they will have to waste away that much time. They will be miserable and bored during worktime. I'm sure there are people who say money can make them happy. But is it true? Is it really worth wasting one-third of our lives just for money?

Of course, there are lucky people who find that the career of their choice is both high paying and highly enjoyable. However, not everyone is so lucky. Many people I know are unsatisfied with their jobs. They go to work in the morning and force themselves to work. All this is done just for money. They finish work at the end of the day, exhausted. They feel a bit better once a month, on payday, but nothing else about the job is good. Other people love their jobs, but are leading hard lives because the career of their choice doesn't pay them enough.

So how lucky it would be if everyone could find a job that they enjoy doing and also pays well? The problem is that many people don't seem to be satisfied with their job because of low pay. I heard many people complaining about their hard work and small pay. They rarely satisfied with their work. Even some of my fellow teachers...
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