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Topics: Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution Pages: 5 (1266 words) Published: April 23, 2014
What is the Modern World?
The French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species are modern, and were important to shaping the modern world. The modern world can be classified as a time when there was the rise of the middle class, technological advances, an increase in economic power, and a deviation from religion into science. These modern movements can be seen in the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, rendering them modern as well. Self development and economic development are important for defining and shaping the modern world. These developments were seen in the French and Industrial Revolutions, as well as Darwin’s theories; however Darwin’s theory may have had a slightly larger impact in shaping the modern world. A combination of self development and economic development is important for shaping the modern world. In order to have modern developments, there had to be self development. Self development allows for reflection, and a push towards economic development. These developments include a want and press for social equality, educational equality, and a deviation from religion into science. Reflecting on one self’s state of being allows one to pick out what they would like to change to better their state. After self development happens, you start to see the need for social and educational equality. This causes a betterment of economic advances and allows for the growth and shaping of the modern world. Self development leads to economic development as it allows for you to see the need for an economical change.1 We can see how social and economical development shaped the modern world in the French Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, and even Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. A major cause of the French revolution included social unease, as the citizens were becoming increasingly unhappy with the government and the feudal system. The Revolution was fueled by ideals from the Enlightenment as seen in Darwin’s work, which further lead for self development in the citizens. The French Revolution eradicated the class system while the Industrial revolution changed it, and caused more self development as the citizens decided that they wanted more equality thus affecting economic development.2 The French Revolution allowed France to turn from a monarchy to a republic, and stop the royal absolutism that was occurring at the time. Before the revolution, France was divided into three states. Under the king laid the First Estate which consisted of the clergy. They didn’t have to pay taxes, but still owned a substantial amount of the land. Under them was the Second Estate which consisted of France’s nobility. Those who made up this estate also didn’t have to pay taxes, but owned a smaller portion of the land. They held high positions in the military, church, and the higher courts. The Third Estate consisted of the largest population of people, the commoners. Despite being poor, they had to pay the taxes, and determined the financial state of the other estates. This estate originally consisted of the poor and agricultural farmers and workers, but soon started to incorporate other positions as well with the rise of the middle class. The Third Estate was starting to be composed of wealthy entrepreneurs, and educated lawyers and businessmen.3 The rise of the middle class resulted in the formation of the National Assembly, where the Third Estate advocated its belief that “the interests of the Third Estate were in the interests of the entire nation.”4 This caused a dramatic change to the country’s government and sparked the tensions that lead to the French Revolution. There are four major causes for the French Revolution: social unease, the financial crisis, the Industrial Revolution, and the Enlightenment. There were shaky grounds between the citizens and the government where the citizens underwent self development and realized the unfairness of...
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