What Is Marketing?

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What is marketing?
From an older person’s point of view, marketing refers to the process of planning and executing certain activities of business. These activities that relate to marketing include the conception, pricing, promoting and distribution of ideas, goods and services. The aim of exposing oneself to these activities is to satisfy individual or to achieve organisational goals. Having the proper and precise marketing strategies, be it individually or in an organisation, many benefits and profits will flow in because the correct marketing concepts shape the success of every business. From the perspective of a young person, marketing is the basic step every company needs to take in order to have a successful business. Marketing is the process of turning a small organisation into a multi-million dollar company. In the marketing process, the contributors and workers brain storm ideas on how to make the company expand, in most cases, by selling goods, services or ideas, hence maximising profits. Marketing contributes to the growth rate of a company. Therefore, marketing plays a significant role in building a company and is responsible for the expansion of the company. According to his own understanding, my friend who is of the same age but not studying marketing said that marketing is a business process of promoting and selling goods or services to customers with the intention of earning profit. Marketing a product can be done in numerous ways including advertising, road shows and distributing brochures. The medium is selected depending upon the type of customers and the nature of the product. In my opinion, marketing is one of the most essential business tools. Marketing has many functions. For example, it brings new products to the market and to consumers. Marketing is about selling and advertising a product to its potential customers. Besides, it is a process which uses strategies to introduce a company’s goods or services, in a way company gains profit...
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