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What is Love?

By humalaile Apr 17, 2015 542 Words
What is love? Love is something very important to each and every human being. Each and every human being have their own definition of what love is, however to me, love is a force of nature, something we cannot avoid. Love is inherently free, it cannot be bought, sold or even traded. No matter how much we try, we cannot buy true love. Many people have different conceptions of what love is, some are looking for true love, looking for someone they can rely on and someone they can spend the rest of their life with. But nowadays, more and more youngsters are simply looking for something they can have fun with. There are many different forms of love: either love for family members, love for friends or even love for pets. Love has even been a common topic for many movies, books and even songs nowadays. Love is an emotion that constantly brings tears to our eyes when something happens to our loved ones. When we feel that love is being ripped from us, we will do things we would not do normally, such as go on violent rampages or even mourn for them to the extent that we have thoughts of suicide. The most common kind of love that we experience, is friendship. Yes it may not seem like it, but we do love our friends and this helps us get along well. We will miss them when we don't see them for a long time. Sometimes, the bond between friends deepens to the point where a stronger bond of love is made, making them family Another level of love, are for our siblings and other family members. Even though we do things to our family members, and sometimes don't like some of our family members, that bond is still there. It's this family bond and love that brought about the phrase, blood is thicker than water. We will do things for our brothers, sisters, mother, father, and children before we would even consider doing them for anyone else. This simple family bond can even extend to include our pets, amazingly enough. Love plays the role of a magic bullet which helps to overcome all the difficulties that come across our path. We are able to share all our sorrows and pleasures also with our family members who really love and care for us. Lastly, it is the love that brings a man and a woman together. This is one of the most common kind of love we see in our everyday lives, and in my opinion, it is the strongest kind of love among all three. Love between a man and a woman is unavoidable, love also is sacrifices and compromises. Love is like a rose. The beauty of the flower is indescribable for words, but the stems are filled with thorns For example, a girl leaves her parents so she can be with the boy who she loves. The topic love has also been a common genre for books, movies and songs as well. I constantly ask myself: What is love? I myself am not even sure what love means to me. However, I will definetely do what I can to show more love to people around me. 

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